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Classes are offered online or at a location of your choice. 


Chair Yoga

Rediscover the joy of movement and mindfulness all from the comfort of your chair.  Seated comfortably, you'll flow through Gentle stretches

Mindful movements

Improving flexibility 

Increasing strength

while soothing your mind and reducing stress.

This practice is perfect for seniors, those recovering from injuries, or anyone seeking a calming break during a busy day. 


 Healing Yoga

Experience the profound healing power of yoga in combating many modern day ailments such as



Stomach illnesses




and other conditions. 

 Gentle, therapeutic poses and guided meditation, is designed and aimed to reduce chronic inflammation, providing relief and promoting overall health. 


Other Offerings

Discover the multitude of yoga classes that are offered tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. 

 Corporate yoga

Yoga for women

Cancer yoga

Yoga for teens

        Kid's Yoga camps and more! 

I am committed to guiding you through every pose, breath, and meditation, ensuring a fulfilling and transformative practice.  Elevate your practice and find your inner peace today.

I felt happy and grateful to be with you all today.  Anita, you are a wonderful teacher, so generous, so encouraging. Not only are you a 'natural' but your lesson was so wisely structured. You made me feel so good and taught me a lot.  A huge thank you and a very very warm hug.
Nirmala Yoga is fabulous! I have taken many of their chair yoga classes as well as the online class.  They are all wonderful! Anita meets the students where they are and helps them to grow.  She makes a point of getting to know her students and their individual needs, often suggesting alternative poses.  I always leave her classes feeling lighter and happier than when I arrived.  I highly recommend Nirmala Yoga.  
You are a star, Anita, a wonderful encouraging, creative, generous and inspirational teacher.  I have no doubt that all your students will adore you. 
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